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Renovation Construction

Axel Lund Consulting
Support for planning and running the project

Renovation is always an important and big investment

I help you make the best decisions for investing 

your time and money

Renovating your home is often about making your dreams come true. But often the plans don't work out and the challenges pile up.

"By addressing these common causes of problems, I help my clients overcome potential pitfalls, minimise risks, and deliver successful renovation and construction projects."

Axel Lund

The most common reasons why renovations and repairs don’t go according to the plan

  1. Planning: inadequate planning can lead to unexpected problems, delays and cost overruns.

  2. Budgeting: failing to set a realistic budget can lead to financial pressures and compromises on the desired outcome.

  3. Scheduling: setting unrealistic schedules without taking into account possible delays can lead to frustration and disruption.

  4. Communication: poor or ineffective communication between different actors can lead to misunderstandings, errors and delays.

  5. Expertise: carrying out more or less complex projects without the necessary knowledge or experience can lead to lower quality and unsatisfactory results.

  6. Project management: a well planned project can fail drastically due to lack of skilled and firm project management. Keeping numerous stages of construction in sync and in schedule needs full time management. 


Here is how I can help you make your renovation work so that the plan and execution lead to what you dream of

Sparring in the early stages to make dreams concrete and plans feasible according to your possibilities.

Costing, budget optimisation and tendering support to give you certainty and efficiency in your cost structure.

Drawing up a plan that takes account of  priorities, needs and dreams. Well planned is indeed half done.

General sparring during renovation, especially if situations change and plans need to be updated on the fly.



  • Advice on where to invest your renovation money and in what order

  • I’ll work out a budget with you for the materials and work to be commissioned

  • I plan a realistic schedule so that the renovation is completed when it should be

  • I draw up a maintenance and renovation plan for your property, apartment or summer cottage

  • I work with you to produce a cost estimate so that your plans are realistic

  • I make interior designs both outside and inside

  • I write work instructions and repair instructions

  • Tendering, so you get the best partner for the different phases of the project

  • I´ll work as project manager from the start to the end

Here's how we work together



First thoughts with one phone call

We start with a phone call to discuss what kind of project it is, what your wishes and needs are, and then I give you some initial ideas on what to consider.


Making a plan together according to a framework

I will draw up a proposal and plan to meet your needs, including the different aspects of the project, budget, schedule, and suggestions on how to proceed and with whom.


Enjoying the process and the end result

When the plans are done well and realistically, you can enjoy both the project and the end result. It is always an investment in the quality of life, and the value of the property. Let's do it together!

20 years of experience and love for the industry at your service

Leave the questions and concerns about the practicalities of your dreams to me, and focus on what matters – living and making your dreams come true!


Twenty years of experience in a wide area of expertise in the construction and renovation fields ensures that you get the best possible insight and knowledge on how to allocate your resources to the maintenance, renovation or modernisation of your home or investment. Extensive technical know-how and trusted partners ensure that your money is  invested in the best possible way to preserve the value of your assets. Last but not least, I work as project manager from start to finnish. And happy project realisation!


Experience has been gained from new buildings to façade renovations, masonary work, renovation works of apartments, buildings and shares, new construction and renovation of leisure properties to supervision and estimating work. I can therefore say with a deep voice of experience that the saying "perfectly planned is half done" is more than true in all of this.


Making plans and calculations and running projects is my strength!

Be in touch and we’ll talk more!

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Axel Lund
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From Customers

"Properties in the countryside require constant maintenance and sometimes major renovations. It has been really great to work with Axel because he is responsible for both the maintenance plans and the implementation of individual projects. Reliable and pleasant cooperation that frees up time and saves money."

Patrick Frisk


"Axel helped us open up the different parts of the whole project and what to take into account already in the dreaming phase so that the whole becomes clear in the early stages and the project runs smoothly from start to finish. Axel also had great ideas for the interior design and was part of the modernisation of our house. The appreciation of high quality and sustainable materials while respecting the spirit of the old house. A warm recommendation as a partner!"

Pauliina K. 


"We were buying a new home for our family and came across a so-called "renovation project". Axel helped us calculate what it would take to renovate this house, what we would have to do and what would be fun/nice.In the loan negotiations, the plan gave us support and now we have a great two-year project underway."

Jouni M.


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